Industrial & Construction Supply Products

Popular Industrial Items


  • Coated belts, Discs, Sheets, and Rolls.
  • Vitrified and Bonded wheels, Segments, Cones, and Sticks.
  • Specialty discs, Rolls, Cones, and Wheels.
  • Nylon-fiber belts, Wheels, Discs, and Pads.
  • Polishing compounds, Buffing compounds, and Pads.

Metal Working Fluids

Mineral oil based coolants, Vegetable oil based coolants, Straight oil cutting fluids, Rust preventatives, Pre-lubes, Drawing compounds, E.D.M fluids, Cleaners, and Lubricating systems.

Saw Blades

Bi-metal bandsaw blades, Carbide tipped bandsaw blades, Carbon steel bandsaw blades, High-speed steel circular blades, Cer-met circular blades, Segmental circular blades, Hacksaw blades, Port-a-band blades, and Hole saws.

Cutting Tools

Indexable tools, Specialty tooling, Taps, Dies, Reamers, Drills, Carbide burrs, and Inserts.

Tape & Packaging Supplies

Stretch film, Duct tape, Box sealing tape, Masking tape, Masking paper, Specialty tapes, Double-coated tapes, Die cut tapes, and Protective film.


Band saw machines, Cold saw machines, Grinding equipment, Polishing equipment, and Custom machinery.


Power brushes (wire, abrasive, nylon-fiber) and Hand brushes (wire).


Pneumatic power tools, Electric power tools, and Hand tools.


Water-based adhesives, Solvent-based adhesives, and Application systems.

Popular Construction Items

Cut-off Wheels & Grinding Wheels

6” cutoff wheels, Grinding Wheels and Cups, Wire Wheels and Cup Brushes, Diamond Blades, Bits & Core Bits-various sizes for various tools.

Air, Hydraulic, and Power Tools

Grinders, Drills, Band Saws, Impact Guns, Nail Guns, Saws, Porta-Powers, Roto-Hammers.


Job Boxes/Gang Boxes, Wrenches and Pliers, Lasers and Levels, C-Clamps, Channellock, Drill bits, Sluggers, and Burrs, Sockets, Pry Bars/Spud Bars, Wood Rules, Hammers, Hoses, Scrapers, Squeegees, Tape Measures, Tarps, Locks, Non-sparking Tools, Paint/Marking Paint, Chalk, Shovels, Fasteners, Shovels, Brooms, Rope, Silt Fence, Rags, Tape, Hand Cleaner, Nails, Caulk Guns.

Lifting and Rigging-USA and Imported

Chainfall and Hoist Repair and Inspection, Nylon Slings, Steel Chokers, Chain Falls and Lever Hoists, Shackles and Hooks, Rope.

Pipe & Piping Tools

Pipe Jacks/Stands/Lifts, Pipe Clamps and Welding Tools, Beveling Equipment, Pipe Threading and Fabrication, Pipe Wraps and Marking Tools, Tunnel Buggies and Pipe Racks, Pipe Dies.

Safety Supplies

Hard Hats, Safety Glasses, Harnesses/Lanyards, Retractables and Life Lines, High-voltage Suits, Arc Flash Suits and Tools, Ear Plugs, Dust Masks, Safety Gas/Diesel Cans, Orange Barrels/Barricades/Cones, Safety Vests, Rainsuits/Boots, Venthilation/Confined Spaces.


Extension Cords, GFCI’s, Work Lights, Light Towers, Explosion Proof.


3” to 40’ Type 1A 300lbs.